Each blue circle represents a terminal state and each yellow circles represents a nonterminal state.



Each time the state of a visit changes you will be sent a corresponding visit web hook.

Once a visit has been created, it begins its life in the not_started state. At this point, you can reschedule or cancel a visit. If you do cancel a visit, it will enter the canceled state. For any visit that isn't canceled, we will dispatch a heath care professional to perform the services associated with the booked visit. In the event that a visit cannot be fulfilled due to unforeseen circumstances, the visit will enter the requires_reschedule state.

Once the health professional is doing the visit, it will enter the in_progress status. In most circumstances, the visit will have status complete once the visit is successfully completed.

The remaining visit states detail what happened if for some reason a visit couldn't be completed successfully. If the patient isn't home and the visit cannot be completed, the visit will enter the incomplete state. In the event that the services could not be completed, the visit will be enter the unsuccessful state. This might occur if during a blood draw the patient is too dehydrated to be able to draw. If the visit couldn't be completed for any other reason, it will enter the state other with additional details being provided in the qhp_notes field of the visit.